Are you suffering from Hot Flushes ?

Those annoying Hot Flushes effecting your lifestyle ?

Are you looking for a Hormone Free solution to relieve your Hot Flushes ?


If you desire a natural way to reduce your Hot flushes then our specifically formulated herbal tonic, HORMONES & HARMONY can be an option for you.


This tonic is prepared as a tea for the ease of digestion specifically for those who have sensetive tummies or unable to take tablets, powders, capsules or tinctures.


HORMONES & HARMONY  can be used hot or cold. It is hand made here in Queensland by our Herbal Tinkerer using only certified organic herbs.


To get the most medicinal benefits from this tonic we recommend using it as a herbal infusion. All it means is that you brew half a liter of it as a tea and put it in a glass bottle and take it with you anywhere you go and sip it like coffee all day long. This is to maintain its benefits during your day.


There is zero hormones, zero binding agents, zero chemicals and zero preservatives in this formula- all ingredients  are natural and certified organics. This blend is available in two sizes ( 60g Pouch & 100g Tin )

Lets have a look at the ingredients :


Ingredients and their Traditional Use & Perspective


Red Clover : It is known to detox the body and help with hot flashes and night sweats in women with menopause . Contains a phytoestrogen ( isoflavones) that behaves like estrogen in the body and helps to improve hormonal imbalances.

Green Tea: This herb is known to have antioxidants effect to help with the weight gain associated with menopause. according to a 2009 study green tea can help strengthen bone metabolisim.

Raspberry leaves: It is used to help with easing perimenopause symptoms like heavy menstrual flows.


Hops: It is used to help with symptoms like hot flushes as It contains a phytochemical that acts like estrogen.


Jiaogulan : This herb is well known in Japan, China and Thailand and used as a beverage tea. A culming adaptogen that is known to help with sleep, anxiety, stress, digestion and energy. its also an immune system tonic.


Rhodiola : Lots of research done on this amazing herb in the United States and Russia. Native to the the northen Canada ,Siberia and Scandinavia known by herbalists as a cooling adaptogen and used as antioxidant, immune stimulant and antidepressant. it is also used to support sleep and modulate levels of adrenaline and cortisol.


Liquorice Root: An Adaptogen native to Southeastern Europe & Southwestern Asian known to be used as anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiviral, immunomodulator, antitumor, antihistamine & expectorant. It's been used to help with hot flashes and how long they last .

Source: ADAPTOGENS by David Winston & Steven Maimes and Internet 


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HORMONES & HARMONY (Hot Flushes Relief )

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