Are you suffering from insomnia ?

Is lack of rest effecting your lifestyle ?

Are you looking for a natural sleep aid ?


Many people have trouble falling asleep, wake up frequently or fail to wake up feeling rested. This makes it challenging to maintain optimal well-being as most of our restoration and rejuvenation happens when sleep.


If you require a little extra help to get a good night's sleep and looking for a natural way to support your sleep quality then our REST  herbal tea may be able to help.


Herbs used in this belnd have been known, used and respected by the herbalists around the globe for centuries. There is zero hormones, zero binding agents, zero chemicals and zero preservatives in this formula- all ingredients  are natural and certified organics. The best way to use this tea is drinking it 40min before your bed time.


This blend is available in two sizes ( 60g Pouch & 100g Tin ) 


How to Brew & Serve : 

Put in 2 teaspoons of loose tea for every cup of tea. Add hot water. Let the tea steep for 3 to 5 minutes, drink it 40-60min before the bed time. 1-2 cups per night is recommended. Can be served hot or cold depending on personal preference.


Ingredients and their Traditional Use & Perspective


Oat Straw : It is known as a highly beneficial nervine, nutritive, and sedative. It is prized amongst herbalists for its gentle and supportive nature. Oatstraw is a favorite for supporting the nervous system. This plant is highly valued for its ability to restore balance and a sense of calm in weak and/or stressed out individuals.

Lemon Balm:  Is known by herbalists as  a digestive stimulant, an antidepressant, antihistamine and nerve tonic.


Chamomile: It is used to help relax the body and aid with sleep.


Skullcap leaves: Traditionaly has been used as a nervine and many herbalists have used it as a sleep aid.


Rose Buds : This herb is known by some herbalists as a soothing and relaxing herb with high concentration of vitamin C.


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REST (Sleep Aid )

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