Butterfly Pea Flower is a fun herb to know and play with. Its a great option for poeple who are looking for 100% natural food colouring materials. 


Native to the beautiful Thailand it has been used for its traditional medicinal properties and also for its amazing natural colours. Its known as a caffeine-free herbal tea, beverage made from a decoction or infusion of the flower petals or even whole flower of the Clitoria ternatea plant. Its very mild in flavour and aroma.


One of the most distinctive characteristics of butterfly pea flower tea is its natural colour which changes when the pH balance change. A deep blue will turn purple with the addition of lemon juice, turning a deeper shade of purple the more lemon juice is added. By adding Hibiscus leaves the tea will turn a bright red color. Amazing enough it will not stain your teeth , tongue or clothes.


These properties makes butterfly Pea Flower a very attractive herb for baking, cooking (rice or pasta ), dairy and natural cosmetic products. Its also a fun herb to introduce to kids to experiment with. You can use it to create amazing looking iced tea, drink mixers, coloured ice cubes and syrups.


This herb is also known for some medicinal benefits as well as it's food colouring properties.


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Blue Butterfly Pea Flower

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