JET LAG Support Travel Kit is designed to help support the quick recovery of Jet lag when traveling overseas . If you desire natural ways to ease your symptoms then this specifically formulated herbal tonic can be an option for you.

This kit comes with two tea bags ( Day Time & Night Time )  and a 250ml heat resistance double wall glass bottle to brew your Jet Lag teas on the go. You can re-use the glass bottle later on for your future coffee or teas during your travel.


Jet Lag symptoms:

Symptoms of jet lag can vary from person to person . some may experience only one symptom while others may have many.

Some of Jet lag symptoms are :


  • Disturbed sleep : insomnia, early waking or excessive sleepiness
  • Lack of energy and daytime fatigue
  • Challenge with concentrating or functioning at your usual level
  • Stomach issues : constipation or diarrheaA general feeling of not being well
  • Mind fog & Mood changes


Tea Ingridiants : Chamomile, Skullcap, Bacopa monnieri, Lemon Balm, Oat Straw, Licorice,Turmeric, Eleuthero, Rhodiola, Ashwaganda

JET LAG Support Travel Kit ( Glass bottle & Teas )

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