Food & Fuel is a lifestyle modification program that enables participants to prime up their metabolism during 12 weeks of gentle cleansing .


This is a personalised program and tailor-made herbal infusions are formulated to suit each individual based on where they are at . They are designed specifically to your personal requirements. This is done by going through a unique process which starts by asking you specific questions about your lifestyle and current state of well-being. 


What are these specific herbal Teas ?

These herbal teas are tonic blends so they are "all day nourishing infusions" which means you will be taking them with you (in your car, work place, Gym, university, etc.) after brewing and sip them throughout your day. This way your body gets the benefits of the tea all day long. It's like the way you take a bottle of water with you and drink it during the day .





Food & Fuel ( 12 week Personalised Weight Control Herbal Support )

  • Ingredients for custom made herbal tea varies from blend to blend