If you desire natural ways to reduce your workout recovery time and boost your energy then our specifically formulated herbal tonic, Prime² for Him can be an option for you. There is Zero hormones, Zero binding agents, Zero Chemicals and Zero Preservatives in this formula- all ingredients  are natural and certified organics. Please see below for its ingredients :


Ingredients (60g bag )


Rhodiola : Lots of research done on this amazing herb in the United States and Russia. Native to the the northen Canada ,Siberia and Scandinavia known by herbalists as a cooling adaptogen and used as antioxidant, immune stimulant and antidepressant. it is also used to improve athletic performance and mental focus.

According to the Canadian Academy of Sports Nutrition the Athletic Benefits of Rhodiola Rosea are : 

  • Improves athletic performance.
  • Increases athletic endurance.
  • Delays physical and mental fatigue.
  • May help recover from overtraining syndrome.
  • Has an antioxidant activity.
  • Improves mental alertness and acuity.
  • May improve oxygenation.
  • Reduces recovery time from intense exercise.
  • Shortens reaction time.


Source : https://www.caasn.com/rhodiola-rosea.html


Liquorice Root: An Adaptogen native to Southeastern Europe & Southwestern Asian known to be used as anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiviral, immunomodulator, antitumor, antihistamine & expectorant. It's been used to help with prioviding the body with energy .


Nettle Leaf: This herb is highly nutritious and known as its own multi-vitamin, offering, among other minerals and vitamins, zinc, calcium, potassium, iron, silicon, magnesium, and chromium—-all important nutrients for muscle growth and health. It can also stimulate metabolism, help with achy joints, as well as strengthen the kidneys and liver.


Siberian ginseng: One of the well respected herbs by herbalists and known to improve athletic performance. Its an adaptogen and been used to increase energy, endurance, longevity, immunity, skin and muscle tone and bone strength.


Source: ADAPTOGENS by David Winston & Steven Maimes and Internet 



PRIME² FOR HIM - Gym & workout support tea (60g Bag)

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