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Low iron levels are more common in women than in men for several reasons related to their unique physiological processes and lifestyles. Here are some of the key factors contributing to the prevalence of low iron in women:


  • Menstrual Blood Loss: Women of reproductive age experience monthly menstrual bleeding, which can lead to significant iron loss. Menstrual blood contains iron, and heavy or prolonged menstrual periods can result in a chronic loss of iron over time.


  • Pregnancy and Breastfeeding: Pregnancy places increased demands on a woman's iron stores to support the growing fetus. Additionally, breastfeeding can further deplete iron levels, as breast milk requires a certain amount of iron for production.


  • Dietary Factors: Women, especially young women and adolescents, may have dietary habits that do not provide enough iron-rich foods. Vegetarian or vegan diets that lack animal sources of iron can be particularly susceptible to iron deficiency if not carefully planned to include plant-based sources of iron.


  • Higher Nutrient Needs: Women may have higher nutrient requirements than men due to factors like menstruation, pregnancy, and breastfeeding. Meeting these increased nutritional needs, including iron, can be challenging for some women.


  • Digestive Disorders: Certain digestive conditions, such as celiac disease or gastrointestinal bleeding, can interfere with iron absorption or lead to chronic blood loss, further contributing to iron deficiency.


  • Dietary Choices: Consumption of iron-absorption inhibitors like tea and coffee, which contain compounds called tannins, can hinder the absorption of dietary iron.


  • Inadequate Absorption: Some individuals may have difficulty absorbing iron efficiently from their diets due to underlying health conditions, like celiac disease or certain genetic factors.


Traditional Herbal Support

 Self-care has a way of going into free fall in the early postpartum days as there is a lot happening around the new mums and it is hard to keep up with everything. On the other hand it's normal to be a bit low in iron after giving birth and the vaginal bleeding that happens for the first six weeks, leaves most new mums lower in iron. Also during the period of lactation, some mothers are susceptible to anaemia because of maternal iron depletion. 


At the old times in the Middle East, herbalists and midwives had a natural way to help the new mums to recover quickly and fortify their body for an active lifestyle . They used a specific blend of herbs  in a form of elexir that worked like a boosting suppliment. 


Recover & Fortify is inspired by that old notion and designed to support people with low iron to suppliment their body in a natural way. 


Some of the herbs used in this blend are known by old time herbalist to be rich in plant based iron. This tonic is prepared as a tea for the ease of digestion specifically for those who have sensetive tummies or unable to take tablets, powders, capsules or tinctures.



Red Clover, Liquorice Root, Burdock Root, American ginseng, Angelica, Yellow Dock, Roasted Dandelion, Reishi Mushrooms, Codonopsis, Elder Berries, Longan Fruit


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Recover & Fortify

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