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About Us

Herbal Tea & Tonics is a family owned business based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. With an ancestry of seven generation master herbalists we are passionate about connecting people to natural health & holistic healing solutions.

We aim to do this by assisting and encouraging people to look for healthier lifestyle options enabling them to become more in tune with the well-being they desire.

Our vision is a world with physically and mentally healthier human beings who live a joyful, meaningful and harmonious life.

As a part of our mission the herbal formulas are handcrafted in small batches and derived from health-enhancing certified organic plants. Some of these botanicals are native to Australia while otheres are sourced from trusted companies based in Australia.


We offer handcrafted custom-made medicinal herbal tonics to help support people with health conditions and symptoms such as fatigue, indigestion, chronic Constipation IBS ( Irritable Bowel Syndrome), menopause and medicinal side effects. 


This is done by conducting consultation to learn more about where you are at with your conditions to be able to formulate a custom made tea that may help.


Herbal Tea & Tonics is committed to support local produce wherever possible however naturally some medicinal herbs are not native to Australia so we source them from trusted suppliers in the country  ( like Austral herbs in NSW, Southern Light Herbs in VIC and Mudbrick Cottage in QLD ).

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