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Managing hot flashes during menopause is benefitial as these symptoms can have a significant impact on the quality of life and overall well-being.


Hot flashes, also known as hot flushes, are sudden sensations of intense heat, often accompanied by sweating and flushing of the skin. Here are some key reasons why managing hot flashes during menopause is important:


  • Improving Quality of Life: Hot flashes can be uncomfortable, disruptive, and distressing. They often lead to sleep disturbances, resulting in fatigue and reduced quality of life. Managing hot flashes can help improve overall well-being and comfort.


  • Enhancing Sleep: Hot flashes are a common cause of sleep disturbances during menopause. Poor sleep quality can lead to daytime fatigue, mood swings, and cognitive impairment. Managing hot flashes can improve sleep and, subsequently, daytime functioning.


  • Minimizing Discomfort: Hot flashes can cause physical discomfort, including a rapid heart rate, sweating, and a sensation of heat. Managing these symptoms can reduce physical discomfort and distress.


  • Maintaining Daily Functioning: Severe and frequent hot flashes can disrupt daily activities, including work, social interactions, and hobbies. Managing hot flashes enables women to maintain their routines and responsibilities.


  • Preserving Mental Health: Chronic hot flashes can lead to increased irritability, mood swings, anxiety, and even depression. Effective management of hot flashes can have a positive impact on mental health and emotional well-being.


  • Preventing Bone Health Issues: Sleep disturbances due to hot flashes can negatively affect bone health over time. Quality sleep is essential for maintaining bone density and reducing the risk of osteoporosis.


  • Enhancing Sexual Function: Hot flashes can lead to discomfort during sexual activity, affecting sexual satisfaction and intimacy. Managing hot flashes can improve sexual function and relationships.


  • Promoting Confidence: Effective management of hot flashes allows women to feel more comfortable and confident in social and professional settings. They don't have to worry about sudden episodes of sweating and flushing.


There are various approaches to managing hot flashes during menopause, including lifestyle modifications (e.g., avoiding triggers, dressing in layers, and stress reduction techniques) 


It's essential for women experiencing bothersome hot flashes to consult with a healthcare professional for guidance on the most appropriate management strategies. The goal is to find an approach that is effective and tailored to individual needs, while also considering potential risks and benefits associated with treatment options.


Traditional Herbal Support

In the Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic and Western Herbalisim, certain herbs have been used traditionally to support the women during the menopause. Our herbalist have used some of these herbs to blend a tonic that may aid in suppourting menopause . 

This tonic is prepared as a tea for the ease of digestion specifically for those who have sensetive tummies or unable to take tablets, powders, capsules or tinctures.


HORMONES & HARMONY  can be used hot or cold or as an ice tea. It is hand made here in sunny Brisbane using Australian certified organic herbs.



Red Clover, Raspberry leaves, Green Tea, Hops, Jiaogulan, Rhodiola, Liquorice Root 


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HORMONES & HARMONY (Hot Flushes Support )

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