Tea Therapy

Tea Therapy 


There are three kinds of non-alcoholic drinks that have been beloved and popular for thousands of year: tea, coffee and cocoa. The plants from which these three drinks derive are quite different from each other.  And their sources are on three different continents.

Tea trees originated in China, Coffee in Ethiopia and coca in the Amazon River and country around Orinoco. But in addition to their popularity, they have in common long histories and many legendary stories.


Tea in particular has had a deep and profound influence. " It began as a medicine and grew into a beverage ".

According to Lin Qianliang & Chen Xiaoyi (2014 ) Tea therapy uses the approach of traditional Chinese medicine ( TCM ), placing an emphasis on understanding and preventing root causes of illnesses , rather than a "quick fix"  focusing on treating symptoms. 

Over recent years, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has spread its influence in various parts of the world, with more and more people becoming keenly interested in traditional and natural healing methods. 


Therefore tea therapy, as an important component of TCM, is also advancing internationally.

​As a Herbal Tinkerer we utilise this ancient concept and provide tailor-made herbal tea and tonics to suit individual requirements. 

Each formula hand crafted for each individual using certified Organic ingredients which we select and source carefully from trusted suppliers in Australia. we only develop what the market lacks.


You can simply order your personalised herbal blend by clicking on the shop and add the " Tailor-made Herbal Tea " to your shopping cart to check out. We will then contact you by email to obtain more details about your well-being states and life style to craft your personal herbal blend. 


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