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Tailor-made herbal infusions are formulated to suit each individual. They are designed specifically to your personal requirements. This is done by going through a unique process which starts by asking you specific questions about your lifestyle and current state of well-being.


Who may require Tailor-made herbal Tea ?

- You may be on medication with negative side affects and require to nourish your body to balance the side effects, reduce fatigue and enjoy better digestion or more sleep.


- You may have a busy lifestyle and simply require a natural boost to help you with more energy, better digestion and stronger immune system.


- You may love your sports /workouts and require a natural drink to reduce your recovery time and boost your energy .


What are these herbal Tea anyway  ?

These herbal teas are tonic blends so they are "all day nourishing infusions" which means you will be taking them with you (in your car, work place, Gym, university, etc.) after brewing and sip them throughout your day. This way your body gets the benefits of the tea all day long. It's like the way you take a bottle of water with you and drink it during the day .


How to order my blend ?

To place an order for your personalised herbal tea, simply go to the "Shop" tab add the " Tailor-made blend " item to your shopping cart and then check out.

We will then contact you via email  to get more details about your requirments, conditions and lifestyle to blend your herbal infusion. 


What if I'm doing this for a loved one or a freind or family member ?

If you are keen to get a custom- made herbal tea for somebody as a gift, give me a call on 0406 112 107  to have a chat .



Thank you for the last batch of tea you have made for me. It has helped me tremendously with both my mental health and knee pain I was suffering with.


- Charisse , Parrearra Qld


Personalised Blends

  • Ingredients for custom made herbal tea varies from blend to blend

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