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This blend is available in 170g Tin 


What If I'm NOT a Tea Drinker ?

If you are not a tea drinker or you have a fast-paced life and don’t have time for your pine needle tea or you are travelling, then Pine Needle Tincture is a convenient option . Here is the link for our White Pine Needle Tincture ; Click Here 


Ingredients and their Traditional Use & Perspective


Organic Dandelion Root : Dandelion root is a very well respected herb by herbalists due to its well known detoxification action on liver and binding excess hormones and toxins from the system. 


Organic Dandelion Leaf: Leaves of dandelion are also highly nutritious. They feed the body and also work on balancing the water states in the system by working with kidneys.
Organic Star AniseThis herb is known as a gentle stimulant, that works in body to activate physiological processes. It is one of the main components of traditional chinese five-spice blend and been used in China for a long time .


Famous for its taste, it’s also used to sweeten the taste of other herbal medicines and teas while also stimulating appetite, relieving gut troubles and common colds.


Pine Needle 

Historically, the native Americans, considered White Pine Tree the “Tree of Peace.” and used it for its medicinal benefits. It has been used by them for centuries to prevent illness and also to treat coughs and colds. The botanical name for this specific pine tree is " Pinus strobus "


Pine Needle has been used for its medicinal value by so many countries traditionaly. A common application of Pine Needle was in making  cough drops and syrups for its  ability to cleanse the lungs, improve breathing, kill bacterial infections and clear lung congestion.


It is also recorded that in folk medicine pine needles have been used for respiratory complaints in a form of herbal steam and incense to relieve asthma and bronchitis and open sinuses. Another application of pine needles was to prevent scurvy and build the immune system . 


In Traditional Chinese medicine, pine needle mainly used as an herbal expectorant and an antiseptic. It is also used for rheumatic pain and inflammation.


This herbal tea is used as a liver  detox and immune support .


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Pine Needle Dandelion Tea

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