VITALITY blend is designed to help support the balance in the body.

Donald R. Yance in his book, ADAPTOGENS says " As a practitioner of herbal and nutritional medicine, I am increasing aware that most people I encounter, regardless of their complaint, condition or disease, have a common theme underlying their poor health: the loss of true VITALITY. This loss of VITALITY affects people of all ages, economic and social statues and nationalities" My research and clinical experience have led me to an understanding of the central role of vital energy in health, and I have observed how stress drains this vital energy, causing disease, premature aging, and chronic conditions of poor health. I believe that all living organisms possess a spirit-driven inner force, a cosmic intelligence that is the source of all biological phenomena and that directs all internal healing responses " He then explains how a specific group of elite herbs known as adaptogens -incorporated into a comprehensive integrative protocol based on botanical medicines, nutritional supplements,dietary improvement and life style changes - can dramatically improve our health. Adaptogens are known to help our body adapt to stress, support normal metabolic processes and restore balance .


Due to the high demand from our loyal and supportive customers VITALITY blend is available in three sizes ( 50g Pouch, 110g Tin & 170g Tin )




Reishi Mushroom: This Adaptogen been used in Chinese Traditional Medicine for thousands of years. It is known as cholesterol-lowering, heart tonic, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, immunomodulator & liver tonic.

Liquorice Root: An Adaptogen native to Southeastern Europe & Southwestern Asian known to be used as anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiviral, immunomodulator, antitumor, antihistamine & expectorant.

Oat Straw: It is known as nervine and nervous system tonic. The whole plant is believed to be rich in minerals and trade nutrients so its regarded highly nutritional.

Senna leaves: This herb is known as a stimulant laxative.

Peppermint leaves: It is known to help with stomach aches/cramps, heartburn, gas & indigestion.

Sources: ADAPTOGENS by David Winston & Steven Maimes, ADAPTOGENS in Medical Herbalism by Donald R. Yance,


VITALITY ( Balance & Energy Support Tea )

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