VITALITY blend is designed to help support the balance in the body. This is done by using adaptogenic and nervine herbs in this formula. According to Donald R. Yance, " adaptogen refers to the nonspecific, endocrine- regulating , immune- modulating effects of certain plants that increase a person's ability to maintain optimal balance in the face of physical or emotional stress "


Ingredients ( 50g Pouch)


Reishi Mushroom: This Adaptogen been used in Chinese Traditional Medicine for thousands of years. It is known as cholesterol-lowering, heart tonic, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, immunomodulator & liver tonic.

Liquorice Root: An Adaptogen native to Southeastern Europe & Southwestern Asian known to be used as anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiviral, immunomodulator, antitumor, antihistamine & expectorant.

Oat Straw: It is known as nervine and nervous system tonic. The whole plant is believed to be rich in minerals and trade nutrients so its regarded highly nutritional.

Senna leaves: This herb is known as a stimulant laxative.

Peppermint leaves: It is known to help with stomach aches/cramps, heartburn, gas & indigestion.

Sources: ADAPTOGENS by David Winston & Steven Maimes, ADAPTOGENS in Medical Herbalism by Donald R. Yance,



Donald R. Yance, in his marvelous book, ADAPTOGENS in Medical Herbalism says " Herbs support balance, which is one of the fundamental objectives of any health-related intervention. The deep application of botanical, nutritional and lifestyle on the inside are the core of the healing that manifests on the ouside .This foundational concept comes from the ancient Chinese practice of Fu Zheng, which supports the root well-being of the person; its name translates as " to normalise the centre and support the righteous qi ( pronounces chi ). My approach is the same ,which is to emphasize the practice of " healthy medicine," which is aimed at the root source of ill health with the primary focus being to bring about harmony and balance throughout the body in collaboration with the healing life force within "


He continues " I create my healing protocols based on a philosophy of strengthening the whole person from within, because a systemic lack of vitality leads to premature aging, and eventually to disease.

This approach increases vitality and promotes overall healing for people of all ages while improving our ability to maintain optimal health as we face the challenges of life in the twenty-first centuery. 

VITALITY - Balance Support Tea (50g Bag)

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