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A SimpleStress Management Technique

How to Reduce your Stress?

Dr. Ken Kroll, MD in the book “ Managing Stress Through the Magic of Adaptogens “ says : “ Stress has long-term damaging effects on our bodies not unlike an auto engine. After so many miles, especially without proper maintenance, it starts to wear out. It begins to burn more oil, loses power and start to fall apart. Stress does the same thing to the human body.

Some simple examples of stress are the anxiety a person feels when their child is so sick they start to fear for her life; It’s the energy-draining fear when you feel you might lose your job; its depression you experience when divorce effects your self-image . Stress comes at each of us in a never-ending assault that changes our lives , effects us emotionally and , in ways we now understand , does physical damage as well.

Dr. Kroll continues “ The good news is that there now exist an all-natural plant extract of rare herbs called Adaptogens which can block the demanding effects of stress and restore balance to our complex cell and organ systems . Adaptogens work on the cellular level and are the most remarkable health -restoring substances I’ve ever witnessed. Everyone, no matter what their health challenge, should find genuine improved health by adding this herbal food supplement to their daily diet. “


There is an elite group of herbs called Adaptogens. Although they have been used for a long time, however the modern name" Adaptogens " was coined by Russian scientist Nikolai V. Lazarev in the late 1940s to describe substances that increase the body's nonspecific resistance to stress.

According to Winston and Maimes (2007), the modern history of these incredible herbs began when former Soviet Union started looking for The Perfect Performance tonic (p.32-33)”.

Much of the early research into Adaptogens in the 1950s was done by Lazarev's colleague Brekhman who studied Asian Ginseng, the classic Chinese herb for longevity.Together, they created a team of more than 1200 biologists, scientists and physicians to conduct their research.

Some of the unique plants that they researched lived through the Ice Age by adapting to and thriving in the most severe living conditions on Earth. Because of this Brekhman believed that they might possess qualities that could help our bodies adapt to the stresses of modern life. They investigated 4000 plants and identified 12 herbs as Adaptogens. The majority of the research was done on Eleuthero, Rhodiola, Rhaponticum and Schisandra .

Research into Adaptogenic herbs continued by Russian till 1980 however Germany, Armenia, Cez, Scandinavia, China & India also conducted their own research most of which has not translated into English.

Russian scientists say that Adaptogens increase the resistance within the body to a wide range of stressors and normalise functions. Western researchers & scientists look at how Adaptogens regulate the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis & sympathoadrenal system. Clinical herbalists use Adaptogens to " re-regulate " the neuroendocrine and immune systems to enhance healing and prevent stress-induced disease. (p.21)”.

A simple solution

We are all familiar with herbal teas. They are made using herbs and hot water and steeping for a shortperiod of time (usually 5 to 10 mins)

Herbal infusions on the other hand are made using a higher herb to water ratio, steeped longer, and consumed all day long by carrying the infusion with you(served like water)

There is something amazing that you can do to help yourself. Its called Nourishing Herbal Infusion. Herbal infusions are caffeine free and can be used hot or cold. They use a high herb to water ratio, steeped longer, consumed all day long as a sipping beverage and they don't taste even like medicine !

The purpose of a nourishing infusion is feeding your body with a high dose of holistic & organic vitamins and minerals on a regular basis. These potent drinks are formulated using Adaptogenic herbs that traditionally used to help body nourish and rejuvenate. They known to help with stress, indigestion, IBS flare up and immune system.

We at Herbal Tea & Tonics offer personalised Nourishing infusions than can help create a space for our body to take a break from stress, energise, restore and rejuvenate naturally.

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